VW Passat B6 Key Blade

Thank you very much for sending the key, it's perfect and works a treat. Much better than the 70quid Vw quoted me.... A Top service.
Paul Shilling - UK  (21.01.2016)

Lexus back on the road...

Received my two keys yesterday. They fit perfectly! Thank you for your help!
Rolf Inge - Norway  (20.01.2016)

Motorcycle key, rides again!

What an absolutely amazing service you provide. I really can't thank you enough.my key arrived in the post today and worked perfectly. Very very happy customer 🙂
Michelle Vaiders - UK  (17.01.2016)

Jaguar In Japan!

I received a new key on the night of Saturday. On Sunday, I was able to start XJ-S engine after an interval of two weeks. "Ku Ku Ku Vawhoon!" He waked up agian, and shouted that "I'm SATISFACTION". I sang "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. Life goes on" in my heart. In Japan, it is difficult to maintain an old Jaguar than to maintain TOYOTA, HONDA or DATSUN. The existence of your shop is very important for many owners of the GB old car in the world.   Thank you very very and very much.
Shueichilaw Maeda - Japan  (25.11.2015)

Worn Ford Focus Key - new one cut from a photo!

Absolutely brilliant service. The key works better than the original. Amazed! Not sure how you do it, but thank you very much.
Dave Fordham - UK  (28.10.2015)

Suzuki Top Box Locks to photo...

Worked a treat Amazing service Not sure how u did it from a email / photo Suzuki told me I needed two new replacement locks...
Phil Higham - UK  (01.10.2015)

Classic Honda Keys, out to Atlanta!

I received the keys yesterday and they work perfectly! Thank you so much, you're a life saver!
Hollee Hord - US  (27.09.2015)

1975 Peugeot 304 Spare key

I am most pleased to report that the new key fits perfectly! We are well chuffed thanks.
Jeff Glock - UK  (20.09.2015)

Honda HISS Keys

Just a big thanks for keys, arrived today and wow they fitted great don't know how you do it.
Thomas Thompson - UK  (13.09.2015)

Honda Stepwagon Import key - cut to photo!

Thanks, they have arrived and fit perfectly. Thanks for making an apparently difficult and expensive job easy!  I’ve linked to your site on the Honda Stepwagon Owners Club on Facebook (geeky I know).
Mike Williams - UK  (27.08.2015)