Lotus Car Keys

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  • Lotus Car Key

    A key for Lotus cars manufactured between 1965 and 1995 cut to number or photo. 

    Models Include: Elite, Seven, Elan, Europa, Elite, Eclat, Excel, Esprit.

    We do not use original Lotus blanks, we use high quality steel blanks manufactured by Silca. 

    The key number is likely to be in one of the following formats:

    A four digit number
    Prefix FS followed by two or three digits (e.g. FS889)
    Prefix BC, FT, LF, M, or CB followed by three digits (e.g. FT156)
    Prefix D, K, R, S, FR, FZ, VV, VL, VN, RO, or BL followed by four digits (e.g. VL1546)
    Prefix from WY to Y followed by four digits (e.g. WY2436)

    If you have your key number, please fill in the details below.

    PLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM DOES NOT INCLUDE TRANSPONDER KEYS. If you think your key may have a computer chip in the head to deactivate an immobiliser, please contact us